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W.D. Bryant Hardware Experts: Sandra Cox

More than cleaning and screen repair!

It’s no secret that W.D. Bryant is all about family. It’s literally over our door. Whether it’s a repeat DIYer that is remodeling or a contractor that has shopped with us for years, we love building relationships. We love it when someone comes into the store and after some conversation, we know their Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and more. It’s nice to see generations of families that continue to shop local. If there's one part of W.D. Bryant that some may not know, it’s our loyal employees and their stories. Over 38% of our employees have been working with us for 6 years or longer, something you just don't get in a big box store. We are local, we know and serve our communities, and we are problem solvers.

Some of our faithful employees do multiple jobs and wear many hats. Long-time employee, Sandra Cox is one of those special people. Sandra started working at the Corbin store in 2005 as a cleaner. She quickly moved from mopping and cleaning to being the sole custodian of the store. Sandra takes pride in her job. The store is always in tip-top shape. Bathrooms, registers, and work areas are always clean. Sandra works hard to keep our 20,000 square foot facility looking good.

Sandra (73) was born and raised in the Goldens Creek community of Whitley County and spent a lot of her early life doing what she loves best; being a Mom. Sandra has 6 children, 29 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren! She loves being around family and says the most important things in her life are “God, family, her coworkers, and her employers.” Sandra's best piece of advice is “When you find a good job with good employers, do the best you can and know you are blessed”.

Apart from her expert cleaning and custodial services Sandra has a hidden talent, she repairs screens. That’s right! Sandra repairs, creates, and fabricate screens. All types of screens for houses, doors, windows, pet cages, and more. After a couple of years working at W.D. Bryant, Sandra started learning to repair screens. Donnie Sharp, one of our other W.D. Bryant veterans, nominated her as he was moving to our plumbing department. We asked Sandra what goes into making a screen and repairing it to have a perfect fit and she had some good insight. “If you are rescreening an existing frame, first you must remove the spline, take your screen out, measure your frame while making sure you give yourself an extra inch in all directions when cutting the new screen. Bigger screens need more support than a spline alone” She went on to explain that sometimes this is tedious work and takes extra time. We asked her what starting from scratch looks like, “First, measure the frame in which you are needing a screen put into. Place plastic corner pieces to all 4 sides and careful not to pull the spline too tight, or else it could cause your frame to bend. You need accurate measurements in order to perfectly screen a frame from scratch.” Just from our conversations, you can tell that Sandra is a screen expert.

Sandra does not just stick to cleaning and working with screens, though. She is not afraid to roll her sleeves up and help any customer with a hardware question. It’s not uncommon to walk the store and see her selling a customer some lightbulbs one minute and see her finding some nuts and bolts the next. She has a kindness and listening ear that makes her great with customers. Sandra will celebrate 16 years working for W.D. Bryant in September. She’s family to us and gives so much more than great custodial services and screen repair to the company.

Come to our Corbin store and say hello to Sandra!

If you'd like to hear more stories about our W.D. Bryant veterans, follow us on social media and subscribe to our website. We are happy to showcase familiar faces! This is our 93rd year in business and we truly have been “Building Relationships Since 1928”

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