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W.D. Bryant and Son is a full line hardware and building material dealer. W.D. Bryant values our customers by investing in our expert employees. They help you with your projects because they care about you. Starting in 1928 as a general store selling fabric, eggs, and necessary supplies our forefathers soon realized the need for building materials in our area and expanded. W.D. Bryant has a long family history of valuing relationships in the community. In 2000 Williamsburg opened a sister store in Corbin, KY to better serve the needs of the
tri-county area. Currently, fourth generation descendants own and run both stores and have very active roles inside and outside of W.D. Bryant.
W.D Bryant and sons sprung into life in 1928. the original store location was on 92 west in the paint creek community. W.D. Bryant and his extended family operated the store together and worked diligently to serve the community's needs. the store was a general store which stocked items such as cloth, eggs, live goods and general hardware. after a few years, the store was prospering and W.D. felt the store would be more successful at its current location on 5th street in Williamsburg.
W.D. Bryant original store photo
W.D. Bryant family photo
His work staff was never in short supply, with a family of twenty-three children, W.D. always had adequate help in serving customers in the area. as the city of Williamsburg grew, so did W.D. Bryant. The son of W.D. Bryant, Clarence, just returning from his efforts in the Korean war, took grasp of the business right beside his father and Daisy Bryant. With their determination, they evolved the general store into a full line building and supply operation. Just in time for the housing boom, W.D. Bryant's venture into electrical, plumbing, and other specific hardware supplies proved to pave the path of success for the family run business. 
The store employed more than one hundred people and built numerous houses in and around the Williamsburg area. In 1960, Clarence and Daisy retired leaving the store to the next generation of owners. Bill, Edgar, Marvin Bryant and Bob Bukovitz proved to be instrumental in the progression of the business into what it is today. They made the store their second home for thirty years providing superb customer service and a strong customer base that would carry the store into the next era of owners. William, Darren, and Lee Bryant took over their fathers committed influences and brought along with them the same traditions and expectations their fathers instilled in the company. Elvin Bryant, who is the uncle of the current three owners, also joined the team, which established a dynamic and diverse four-part brain that powers the company today.
W.D. Bryant family photo
W.D. Bryant Corbin/Williamsburg store front image
The 1990's brought new technological marvels, and W.D. Bryant endured the times, incorporated computers and new devices to help streamline and monitor the overall growth of the business. In 2000, W.D. Bryant added a second location in south Corbin. The decision was risky, but soon it reaped of profitable decision-making tactics. 
Thank you for letting us be your home service supply center for the last 90 years!
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