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*This is for pre-order only! Please keep track of your recipet. You will receive email notifications with details about your order. When the Bee Nucs have arrived, you will be contacted to come pick up your order. Pick up location will be at our Corbin Store. Bee Nucs should arrive mid to late April, no returns* 


A nucleus colony, more commonly known as a “nuc”, is one of the easiest ways for beekeepers to start a colony in a new hive. A nuc is a starter hice that has a small number of frames (2-5, with 5 being a typical option) and these frames are taken from the nuc and placed directly into the hive. In a five-frame configuration, three frames contain brood, of all stages, while the outer two frames normally store honey and pollen. The box in which the frames are transported is often just a cardboard box.

Most nucs come with a queen. The nuc has workers and drones usually born from the queen herself. This is an important consideration, since there is no need for the workers to acclimate to her. 


Additionally, the nuc has bees in all phases of life, including newly laid eggs (the queen will even continue laying eggs while the nuc is being transported), larvae and pupae. The adult worker bees represent all the roles, from nurse bees, cleaners, guard bees, forager and everything in between.


A nuc is essentially a small version of a fully established colony.


Bee Nuc (Pre-Order)

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